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Welcome to an ultramodern, contemporary and advanced mode of Learning. Welcome to the world where education is personalised and digital and you can carry your education wherever you go. Access an entire library of e-books by renowned authors, share notes with your friends, highlight, collaborate, test yourself and manage your entire learning process with our Learning Management System. Our LMS takes care of all your learning requirements.

So say hello to the new revolution in learning- The digital platform where you can read, recapitulate, test yourself and hone your potential- all within the power of a click- and discover the magic of effective studying.



Accurate Assessments and Analysis

Testing and practice are of crucial importance for your JEE preparation. Optimize your potential with our adaptive testing and practice platform. This platform will give you an exhaustive and complete practice of the entire panorama of problems which are important from the JEE exam point of view. With an incredible collection of practice tests, test your acumen and level of preparation. After each test, check your scores. Get answers to all your exam questions and know where you missed the target. Access an enormous repository of all kinds of tests- Board practice tests, Crash Course tests, Full and Part time tests, Major Tests, MT-CET Question Papers and Solutions, Olympiads, SAT and hand written notes from rankers. On this platform, taking the test is just the first step to discovering your prowess and sharpening your genius. After the test you will get a complete synopsis of where you went wrong, your performance report will display your strong areas and weak points. You will be able to map your progress from test�to test.

Get answers to all your doubts, fathom the worlds of Physics, Chemistry and Maths independently with the unique portal customized for your needs and carve out your own success story.

Most Exhaustive Question Bank

Adaptive Learning

The platform contains nearly 30000 question banks so that students can have a thorough practice and can learn from each test. The learning process is adaptive. Students take test, see their scores, check the answers, study the solutions and then in the next test they are better prepared. The Platform employs the techniques of adaptive learning, so based on user performance; platform will identify strength and weakness of students and then will guide individuals accordingly.

Repository of E-Books and Notes

Access to the entire range of learning resources- This system has in one place e books, videos, tests, exam solutions of each topic of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The entire collection of books on a certain topic from the best sources is assembled in one place, so that the student does not waste time hunting for books on the net. Books by the creme de la creme professors at PACE and renowned authors find their place in the PACE Learning Management System

Books from the best professors of PACE and from the best authors are made available in one place so that the student has in one place his entire library of reference in front of him.

Stockage of Videos

A complete stock of videos of lectures on various subjects by PACE professors are made available for a good audio visual learning of concepts.


Detailed Solutions to all tests

Detailed solutions to all tests- After the tests, students can refer to the detailed solutions to the tests. Thus they can get all their doubts resolved, their problems areas sorted and their knowledge updated.

Performance Report

The student can see his progress graph and get a performance report underlining his strong areas and weak points.

Collaborative Learning

Users can add notes and highlights to books and share it with their friends. The teacher and taught can attach, share particular resources related to a topic. Student can start a discussion with in the group with the teacher ask and share questions with the teacher on a particular topic.

Detailed Analytics

The platform will provide the detailed analytics of each and every test, their marks, accuracy, rank, topic wise rank, class wise rank, weak and strong areas.

Mobile Compatible Learning

Our content is compatible across all devices. The Mobile app will help students to access all their digital content and related information any time, anywhere, 24x7x365 with built in compatibility to all kind of devices.

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